Pest control new style combines monitoring and prevention

The most complete range of products for pest control

Pest control new style is the sum of traditional expertise and modern technology. With our technology we support PCO’s and their clients. The result: more captures and more high-quality visual inspections without an increase in costs.

All parties involved work together efficiently through our intelligent sensors and practical software. You can intervene faster in the event of nuisance and at the same time you are working on the sustainable control of rats and mice.

Monitoring and prevention are all about up-to-date data

Efficient and intensive pest control cannot be done anymore without up-to-date data of sensors on location. The essence for each pest controller:

  1. Intervene at once in case of a report
  2. More time for visual inspections
  3. Trend figures for policy in the long term

The concept of PestWatcher makes this possible, while retaining the freedom for the professional pest controller.

monitoring and prevention pest control

Monitoring & Preventing Pest Nuisance

Pest control is all about monitoring and prevention:

  • Knowing what is going on
  • Knowing what you agreed
  • Knowing what must be done
  • Knowing what the results are
Software for pest control


MyPestWatcher is the driving heart of your pest control. It is the source where you monitor all pest activities. And you can see the tasks which you (or a partner) must carry out as part of prevention. You can view the dashboard of MyPestWatcher everywhere on a smartphone, tablet or computer. During 24/7 you have an insight into the status of pest activities and related matters.

MyPestWatcher will help you to get and keep these matters under control. With real-time data of all locations you support intervening in the short term with a long-term policy.

Hardware to monitor pest control


Visual inspections remain indispensable for the intensive control of pest activities. This will not change. What will change is that you will have many more data and especially up-to-date data. You can use them to support your visual inspections and intervene in between when required by the situation. For example:

  • a report of a capture in a rodent trap or other traps
  • pest movements in poorly accessible rooms
  • quick reduction of the weight of the bait or poison
  • a door that has been open (too) long due to lax behaviour or a defect
  • the temperature of a cooled room which may become too high

With this knowledge you can take action at once. The up-to-date data substantiate your interventions.

Software modules preventive pest control


Besides the up-to-date monitoring of locations, you conduct a policy to control nuisance and pest activities in a sustainable way. The new legislation for pest control has very different requirements for pest management. You must prove that you want to tackle it seriously, that you have a plan of action and that prevention has priority for you. Only then are you allowed to place traps; you may only use poison for pest control as a last resort.

We help you with prevention through special software modules for:

Prevention starts with a thorough risk analysis and a plan of action with concrete recommendations for your clients. Inspections help you to fully record progress and, if necessary, take additional actions. You store the relevant documents and correspondence in the digital archive. With these measures you can be certain that you will comply with the new legislation.

Pest control for Pest Control Organisations

For Pest Control Organisations (PCO’s) PestWatcher is the opportunity to work together more with clients within the available time. Physical visits at the location will be much more efficient, so that much more can be done at the same time. In particular high-quality visual inspections, which we support with special software for your smartphone or tablet.

Become a partner and you will profit
Working together with your clients is one thing. Becoming a partner of PestWatcher is another thing. Contact us today. Stand out as a PestWatcher expert and profit from the many advantages offered by PestWatcher.

Cooperation between the PCO and its clients

PestWatcher was developed on the basis to let PCO’s and their clients also profit from the latest developments. We believe in cooperation within the entire chain of pest control. You will make progress in many fields:

  • Sharing data pests (extent, nuisance) in a simple way
  • Acting reactively in case of a capture
  • Sharing agendas and coordinating the planning
  • Drawing up reports
  • Evaluating the Plan of Action
  • Reducing toxic pesticides
  • Complying with the IPM protocol

The most complete range of products for pest control