Pest Control Organisations

Companies require affordable solutions for pest control. Efforts of pest control organisations take time and are therefore expensive. Saving on prevention is a wrong way of saving. With PestWatcher you will make prevention and monitoring more efficient for your clients.

Checking detection points is unnecessary

The manual inspection of rat and mouse boxes is labour intensive and therefore expensive. Your clients will be better off with PestWatcher, because it is not necessary anymore to have this type of inspection. You receive a report as soon as a pest is caught in a trap or detection point. You also know exactly at which detection point the pest is located. The time you save with unnecessary inspections can now be used use for high-quality visual inspections. And you have the chance to serve clients at the same time.

Opportunities for Pest Control Organisations

For Pest Control Organizations (PCOs) Pestwatcher is an opportunity to serve more customers. Physical visits to the location take place less regularly, so fewer man hours are needed. Efficient and therefore affordable. A smart PCO therefore works with Pestwatcher.

Partners in Pest Control

Many companies leave the proper work of pest control to professionals. As partner of PestWatcher you are the contact point for their pest prevention and control. You can also join our partners and serve more clients at the same time. Each PCO (Pest Control Organisation) can use the online portal MyPestWatcher free of charge and work together with clients. Are you interested?

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