Integral pest management, together with the client

PCO’s or pest control organisations can use PestWatcher very well for their work. The advantages of PestWatcher also obviously apply to them. Working together with the client is an important part of PestWatcher. It concerns: 1. Sharing data pest activities 2. Acting reactively with a catch 3. Sharing the agenda, agreeing on planning 4. Drawing up reports 5. Evaluating plan of action 6. Reducing toxic pesticides 7. Meeting the IPM protocol

25% commission on the subscription

When you let an own client work with PestWatcher you will pay a subscription fee of € 1.- a month per trap or weighbridge (excl. VAT). You will receive 25% commission on this. This means that PestWatcher can give you a better pest management and extra revenues.

Registering for the optional list of pest controllers


PestWatcher offers the possibility to clients to select a PCO themselves to implement pest management. From their dashboard they select one or more controllers to request a price for certain activities or for a quick action, for example with a catch or identified escalation.

You may be on this list as a professional pest controller. In that case clients can contact you directly. For this you pay €100 a month. excl. VAT.