Dealing with rats

Rats cause a nuisance and are a risk for safety and hygiene. With the system of PestWatcher you are in control always and everywhere and you can intervene promptly.

Rats a problem? Not with PestWatcher

Thanks to PestWatcher you know immediately about rats in your premises. You do not have to actively monitor. You know exactly where the rats are located and can control them in a targeted way to prevent the escalation of a rat plague. Moreover, you record data for a longer period, which will help you to take preventive measures.

The advantages of PestWatcher:

  • Active monitoring unnecessary, the system warns you
  • Prevention as well as control through baits and leghold traps
  • Simple system; plug & play installation
  • Complies with legislation and regulations
  • Socially responsible

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Control and prevention

PestWatcher offers a total solution for control and prevention of rats. The sensors detect the presence of pests in your premises. They immediately send a report, so that you can take action.

The PestWatcher system consists of hardware and software that is attuned to each other:

  • Intelligent sensors measure captures, movements or a weight reduction of bait and poison
  • Sensors send their data through the public KPN network or through your own TTN network
  • The online SensorCloud, where data can be collected and consulted
  • Free app on your smartphone and tablet for real-time reports of a rat capture
  • MyPestWatcher software modules for inspections, risk analysis, plan of action and digital file management

Plug & play system

Controlling rats is plug & play with the system of PestWatcher. You order a complete system, place the boxes and install the software. You connect everything and within a few minutes the system is ready to trace and deal with rats.

You comply with legislation and regulations

With the system of PestWatcher you comply with (inter)national legislation and regulations. Legislation allows poison as a last resort for rat control. With up-to-date data and our software modules you can show in detail which measures you have taken and whether poison is the last resort at your disposal for rat control.