Dealing with mice

Dealing with mice

You do not want to have mice in your business premises for various reasons. Hygiene, gnawing damage and reputation damage for your company are the most serious risks. The PestWatcher system enables you to deal with mice in an effective manner. You receive a report as soon as our sensors register mice. It may be a rodent trap sensor, but also a movement sensor or a weighing sensor that measures the weight reduction of the bait or poison.

Mice a problem? Not with PestWatcher

Thanks to PestWatcher you know immediately about mice in your premises. You do not have to actively monitor. You know exactly where the mice are located and can control them in a targeted way to prevent the escalation of a mouse plague. Moreover, you record data for a longer period, which will help you to take preventive measures.

The advantages of Pestwatcher:

  • Simple system; plug & play installation
  • Complies with legislation and regulations
  • Socially responsible
  • Prevention as well as control through baits or leghold traps
  • Active monitoring unnecessary, the system warns you

PestWatcher supplies everything for prevention against nuisance by targeting mice.

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How does PestWatcher work?

PestWatcher is a system that registers and detects activities of pests such as mice and rats. You measure activities of mice at all locations through a smart combination of intelligent sensors, wireless network connections and practical software. You immediately receive a report and can start controlling mice at once.

Plug & play system

Dealing with mice is plug & play with the system of PestWatcher. You order a complete system, then place and activate the sensors and within a few minutes you are ready to trace and deal with mice.

You comply with legislation and regulations

PestWatcher complies with all (inter)national legislation and regulations for pest control. Poison can be used as a last resort, when other measures are not satisfactory. All this is done within the rules of the law.