Intelligent sensors. Perfect basis for pest management

24/7 monitoring for intensive control and efficient inspections

With our intelligent sensors you record monitoring and pest activities 24/7 for intensive control and efficient inspection. You receive a signal at once from the rodent trap when a trap is activated. With the compact door sensor you always know whether a door (or window) is open or closed. We also have sensors for reporting movement, weight reduction of bait and measuring temperature and air humidity.

Our range of products:

  • Rodent trap sensor
  • Door/window sensor
  • Movement sensor
  • Weighing sensor

All sensors measuring standard temperature and air humidity. Upon request we can also let sensors measure other indicators. The sensors send their data through the public LoRa-network of KPN or a private network.

Measuring = knowing

In the current day and age it is not sufficient anymore to carry out occasional inspections and check what is happening. By choosing the right sensor you decide which information you collect in the SensorCloud. On the basis of current data you can act promptly and effectively. And you will have more time for intensive, visual inspections. With our special software of MyPestWatcher you can then digitally record all inspection data.

Operates with all common boxes

Since pest controllers all use their own favourite boxes, we chose a smart system that supports all well-known types of traps and boxes. You place the sensor with or without a sensor holder on a base plate, in the box or against the back of the box. Our rodent trap sensor is also suitable for use in a multi-catch box such as the Ketch-All.

Pole sensor

We developed the pole sensor especially for use under difficult circumstances outside your home. You use the pole sensor in combination with a live trap cage or underwater cage. The pole sensor registers a (living) capture without a problem, even when the trap is placed under water, as with the underwater cage. The special cable then connects the cage that lies under water with the pole sensor above the water.

PestWatcher is a complete service for pest management. The intelligent sensors supply all possible data for intensive pest management.

The sensors of PestWatcher operate in all common boxes.

Live trap cage with pole sensor.

Sensor products

Rodent trap sensor

The rodent trap sensor is placed in a solid synthetic cassette. We supply  a separate magnetclip for assembly on the trap. The sensor functions immediately after it is placed and activated. Available for KPN and TTN. More information.

Door/window sensor

You place the sensor on each door (revolving, roller and tilting door) of which you want to know whether it is open or closed. It obviously also works on rotatable and tilting windows. Available for KPN and TTN. More information.

Pole sensor

The pole sensor can be used for a live trap cage or in combination with an optional cable, also with an underwater cage. The sensor is installed in a solid synthetic housing. Since the pole sensor can be used in rural areas it is only available for KPN. More information.

Temperature sensor

The temperature sensor obviously measures the temperature, but also the air humidity and in the future it will also measure more climatological values. You place the sensor wherever you want. The sensor is also suitable for cooled areas. Available for KPN and TTN. More information.


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