The SensorCloud. The heart of your pest management

All data central with each other in the SensorCloud

The SensorCloud is the heart of your pest management. Here you find data which you register with your sensors. Here you follow current events. Here you analyse the status of your pest control.

Consulting data
You view the data that you collect in the SensorCloud with our MyPestWatcher software and app. However, when you have software yourself, you can also use that.

For the data storage and access to the data in the SensorCloud you take out a subscription. The subscription applies per 10 sensors. The storage period is 5 years. This means that you can optimally use data for a long period for policy reports, trend analyses and research.

Free Entry version
Not everyone wants to store data for a long period and not everyone has many sensors. This is why we offer the SensorCloud Entry. You then receive reports as usual through MyPestWatcher, but data are stored for one month. The Entry version is available for up to 20 sensors.

PestWatcher is a complete service for pest management. In the SensorCloud you collect all data of sensors for consultation and use them as a basis for follow-up activities.

Sensor Cloud products

Sensor Cloud

The SensorCloud collects data of all sensors and provides up-to-date information to the linked software, such as MyPestWatcher, in the event of status changes of sensors. It is also suitable for drawing up analyses and reports. You take out a subscription for each 10 sensors.

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Sensor Cloud Entry

The free SensorCloud Entry Edition collects all data of all sensors and provides the necessary data to the MyPestWatcher App. The storage period of the data is 1 month. The Entry version is available for up to 20 sensors.

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