MyPestWatcher. Software for intensive pest management

Prevention and monitoring in one hand on one dashboard

MyPestWatcher is the online dashboard of PestWatcher. You have a 24/7 insight into the status of your pest management. MyPestWatcher sends you reports, a digital logbook with all inspections and your plan and reports and analyses. You can configure these parts according to your wishes. With this you have complete control over your own Pestwatcher system.

24/7 Monitoring
MyPestWatcher is the source where you monitor pest activities. You immediately see:

  • where there are incidents, such as the capture of a rat
  • how often and how long a door or window is open
  • whether there is a movement of pests in a closed or poorly accessible room
  • whether there is a weight reduction of bait
  • whether the temperature drops or increases in a certain (cooling) room
  • which (inspection) tasks you still have to do

Moreover, we can integrate specific measurement wishes upon request in the current sensors.

Definieer voor al uw situaties checkpoints verdeeld over meerdere locaties, gebouwen en/of afdelingen en MyPestWatcher informeert u 24/7.

More time for high-quality, visual inspections
You will receive an alert as soon as Pestwatcher registers a rat or mouse in your premises in a detection point. This means that you do not have to check the cover boxes yourself anymore. So you have more time for high-quality visual inspections of buildings and for hygiene.

Digital archive
The digital logbook does not only show you the current status, but you can obviously also view the history and analyse data over a longer period. We store data up to 5 years. When you choose the free Entry version the storage period is 1 month.

Several users simultaneously
Do you want several persons to use MyPestwatcher? Then simply add extra users to the licence.

PestWatcher is the most complete service for pest management. With the MyPestWatcher software modules you have everything within reach for inspections, risk analysis, action plan and digital file management.

Available expansion modules

File management
You never have to go looking for that specific document or report anymore. With file management you have a digital file in which you can digitally store and access all correspondence with clients. You get 10 Gb storage space which, if required, can be increased by extra storage space in steps of 100 Gb.
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Risk analysis and Plan of Action

The new legislation for pest control has very different requirements for pest management. You must prove that you want to tackle it seriously, that you have a plan of action and that prevention has priority for you. Only then are you allowed to place traps; you may only use poison for pest control as a last resort.

Use your knowledge to carry out a thorough risk analysis and draw up a plan of action with concrete recommendations for your clients. The progress of the activities related to the recommendations can be recorded digitally, so that everyone is always fully informed.
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On the basis of monitoring and the own high-quality inspections of buildings and hygiene you simply register tasks for inspection, pest control and prevention. Record your findings in detail and draw up recommendations/tasks for the follow-up.
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