The most complete range products
for pest control

Measuring is knowing.
With PestWatcher you know what you measure

Intelligent sensors

The most complete range of sensors for pest management. You measure the status of a trap, you see whether a door or window is open, you detect the movement of pests, you measure the weight reduction of bait. And you always measure temperature and air humidity. Our range of products will only increase.


It must obviously be possible to send the data that is registered by sensors. For this you can choose between the public LoRa network of KPN (Netherlands) or your own private TTN-network. We supply all required services for the best range for both types of network. Even when you want to start with sensors at isolated rural areas.


You collect all registered and sent data of the sensors in your own SensorCloud. This is the heart of your pest management. Here you also receive up-to-date reports, such as a capture, movements or a change in temperature. You consult all data with MyPestWatcher, for example with the app on your smartphone or tablet.


MyPestWatcher is the online dashboard of PestWatcher. You can view the status of your pest management 24/7. With the software modules of MyPestWatcher you have all digital information within reach for inspections, risk analysis, plan of action and digital file management.

The 7 great advantages of PestWatcher

  1. You do not have to worry about anything. Our products work in all situations.
  2. You are flexible in its use. You simply adapt them with changing circumstances.
  3. You always have an overview and control. You monitor all pest activities, human behaviour and climatological circumstances.
  4. You can intervene at once when the situation demands this. On our MyPestWatcher app you can immediately see the status for each trap, door or room.
  5. You always have relevant information everywhere and you can then take the right decisions. Data registration is completely online.
  6. You are free to choose the situation that suits you best. You can record data as you want, for example for 1 month or for 5 years.
  7. You control your pest management efficiently and intensively. With a push notification on your smartphone or tablet you are kept informed.

The most complete range products
for pest management