Measuring is knowing

With PestWatcher you know what you measure

PestWatcher, the integral solution for pest control

PestWatcher is a win-win-win situation for public health, facility managers and pest controllers because of a simple, but powerful innovation: our intelligent sensors collect data 24/7 about the status of traps, movements, open doors and windows, weight reduction of bait and always about the temperature and humidity.

These sensors completely changed the method of pest control. On the one hand we can quickly intervene as soon as we detect pest activities. On the other hand, we have much more knowledge and resources to operate preventively.

Pests may cause enormous damage. The hygiene is jeopardised and sometimes gnawing damage even leads to a complete shutdown of companies. This requires action and a policy to intervene quickly in the short term and minimise pest activities in the long term.



  • Wireless sensors monitor your detection points 24/7
  • Direct report as soon as a sensor detects a pest
  • Traps will can become active again much earlier
  • No unnecessary inspection of boxes
  • So more time for thorough visual inspections


  • Digitally record the results of visual inspections
  • Support the Action plan and tasks with up-to-date data
  • Draw up and/or consult reports quickly and easily
  • Keep data for 5 years
  • Comply with legislation and regulations

The most complete range of products for pest control

Integral pest control requires quick reaction times!

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