Free risk analysis pest activities

Risk analysis of pest activities is very up to date as from 2015

The new legislation for pest control stipulates very different requirements for pest management. You must be able to prove that you are taking it seriously, that you have a plan of action and that prevention comes first. It is only then that you may place traps. And you are only allowed to use toxic substances for combating pests when it is absolutely essential. With our free risk analysis you will know where you stand.

Our risk analysis offers you a complete understanding of the situation of the following aspects:

  1. Your personal hygiene and conduct employees
  2. Your premises and environment
  3. Your installations and maintenance
  4. Your cleaning schedule and household
  5. Your waste treatment
  6. Your raw materials (delivery and storage)
  7. Your pest management

How do you prevent escalation? Points for improving pest management.

A rat can crawl through a gap (opening) of 12 mm. A mouse only needs half this space!

Do you sometimes have doors that are open that should be closed? Does your supplier check whether there are pests in his recently supplied raw materials? Are there sometimes fruit flies on the cake?

Each organisation, each location has a different risk profile. What is yours? Carry out our risk analysis of pests at once and you will know what risks you run and what the possible points for improvement are.

When this is done, you can simply draw up a plan of action with the concrete recommendations from our report.

The result of the risk analysis shows possible points for improvement.

Tackle pest management well at once

Do not take any risks with pests when it is not necessary. PestWatcher helps you to assess the risks and offers you possible points for improvement.


In the meanwhile you know what your risks are. However, if you still have doubts about the best approach, make an appointment with one of our experts for a sound advice.