Pest control and prevention

Pest control and prevention

Rats, mice or other vermin in your company building? It is only possible to tackle the issue once it is detected. And that is usually too late. From hygiene to gnawing damage, temporary company shutdown is lying in wait. Prevention is better than control. Especially when it comes to pests such as mice and rats. PestWatcher is the responsible durable method for pest control and prevention.

Prevention and control by means of PestWatcher

The PestWatcher-system is designed for both prevention and control. You monitor pests in your building 24/7 because of the link between the mice and rat boxes and the software. By taking immediate action, you prevent escalation.

Technology in your advantage

PestWatcher is a complete system providing you full insight in pests in your building. Thanks to the online platform MyPestWatcher you can see what happens in your company building at all times. The technology caters you in the area of both report and immediate control. Experience it yourself.

Why PestWatcher?


  • is plug & play
  • works intuitive and is therefore easy to use
  • complies with laws and regulations
  • is durable and socially responsible
  • makes collaboration possible at all levels

Plug play

You order a complete system that you place, install and activate in an easy manner. So, entirely plug & play.