Pest management

Pest management

It is now possible to save costs on pest management without enhancing the risks. The Portal of PestWatcher ensures efficient collaboration. This generates cost savings up to no less than 15%.

Pest Control Organisations

For Pest Control Organisations (PCOs), PestWatcher is an opportunity to collaborate with more customers in the same amount of available time. Physical visits to the location take place less frequently, as a result of which less man-hours are required. PestWatcher makes pest management by PCOs affordable. Your expertise with the technology of PestWatcher is advantageous for you and for your customers.

We believe in cooperation

PestWatcher has been established from the vision to have every PCO profit from the latest developments. We believe in cooperation between us and PCOs and between PCOs and their customers.

Cooperation with your customer consists of:

    1. Sharing data on pests
    2. Acting reactively at a capture
    3. Sharing the schedule, aligning the planning
    4. Preparing reports
    5. Evaluating the Action Plan
    6. Reducing toxic pesticides
    7. Complying with the IPM-protocol

Become a Partner and benefit

Collaboration with your customers is one thing. Becoming a Partner of PestWatcher is the second. Become a Partner and present yourself as a PestWatcher expert. You will benefit from several advantages as a PestWatcher Partner.

Are you also looking to become a Partner, apply for our information brochure.