Software - MyPestWatcher


MyPestWatcher is the online dashboard of PestWatcher. By means of this software you have insight 24/7 in the pest management within your company building. MyPestWatcher provides you with:

  • Alerts
  • Digital logbook*
  • Reports and analyses

    *of all inspections and your floorplan

You can configure these parts as desired, gaining full control on your own PestWatcher-system.


MyPestWatcher is a web-application according to the Software as a Service-principle (SaaS). Buying and installing software is not necessary. MyPestWatcher works just as easy on tablets and smartphones as it does on a computer. This way, PestWatcher makes your pest management accessible everywhere and at all times. Create a free account and experience it yourself.

Create a free MyPestWatcher account


You receive an alert as soon as PestWatcher detects a rat or a mouse in your company building in a detection point. As a result, you no longer have to check the cover boxes yourself and you are able to focus on high-quality inspections of building and hygiene..

Digital logbook

The digital logbook enables you to generate reports quickly and in an easy manner. Statistics for the management board or other reports for, for example, external audits are available in no time. Entirely in accordance with the IPM-protocol.


The data in MyPestWatcher make thorough analyses possible. Because of the registration of all pest activities, you analyse risks and possible points of improvement without any effort.

Durable pest management

Durable pest management does not only refer to the way in which pests are controlled. It becomes truly sustainable by preventing escalation and prevention of outbreaks. Have PestWatcher facilitate this for you.