Control rats

Control rats

As soon as you detect rats in your company building, it is of the utmost importance to control them.
Rats cause nuisance and are a hazard to the safety and the hygiene. Using the system of PestWatcher, you are always and everywhere in control and you are able to intervene quickly.

The advantages of PestWatcher:

  • Simple; plug & play
  • Complies with laws and regulations
  • Socially responsible; poison only as the final option
  • Both prevention and control
  • Actove monitoring unnecessary; the system warns you

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Control and prevention

PestWatcher offers a total solution for the control and prevention of rats. Because of the sensors, the presence of pests in your company building does not stay undetected. You immediately receive an alert so you can take action.

The PestWatcher-system consists of software (MyPestWatcher) and hardware:

  • Coverboxen
  • Draadloze sensoren
  • Communicatoren
  • Repeaters
  • Bridge

The hardware detects, the software signals and offers extensive analysis possibilities.

Alerts, reports and analyses

You receive alerts through MyPestWatcher when a rat is detected. The app enables for this to happen real-time through your telephone or tablet. The data in the Portal are extremely suitable to create reports and analyses. This way you are able to analyse where the rats were detected first, allowing you to quickly trace the entrance point.

Plug & play-system

Controlling rats is plug & play with the system of PestWatcher. You order a complete system, place the boxes and install the software. Connect everything and within a few minutes the system is ready to trace and to control rats.

You comply with laws and regulations

With the system of PestWatcher you comply with (inter)national laws and regulations. The legislation allows poison as a final resort for the control of rats. You only use poison when it is inevitable.

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