Control mice

Control mice

Mice in your company building are unwanted for several reasons. Hygiene, gnawing damage and reputational damage are only a few examples of the most important risks. PestWatcher sends you an alert as soon as mice are present in your building. You don’t have to actively monitor it yourself.

The advantages of PestWatcher:

  • Simple; plug & play
  • Complies with laws and regulations
  • Socially responsible
  • Both prevention and control using bait or spring-loaded traps
  • Active monitoring unnecessary; the system warns you

PestWatcher is the total solution for control and prevention of mice.

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A problem with mice? Not when using PestWatcher

Thanks to PestWatcher you are immediately informed about mice in your building. You are able to take immediate action in order to prevent escalation of the mice infestation.

How does PestWatcher work?

PestWatcher is a system that registers and detects activity of pests. Because of the link between hardware and software you are able to intervene quickly as soon as mice are detected. You immediately receive an alert and know where the mice are located. This enables you to start controlling the mice straight away.

Plug & play-system

Controlling mice is plug & play with the system of PestWatcher. You order a complete system, place the boxes and install the software. You connect all the parts and within a few minutes the system is ready to trace and to control mice.

You comply with laws and regulations

PestWatcher complies with all (inter)national laws and regulations for pest control. Poison is possible as a last resort, when other measures are unsatisfactory. All this within the provisions of the law.

Prevention and control

The PestWatcher-system enables you to control mice effectively. You know exactly where they are located and are able to control them in a targeted manner. Because you can take targeted action, PestWatcher contributes to prevention. You quickly trace the places at which the mice gain access and you can take preventive measures at those locations.

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Need professional support?

For professional support in the control of mice and other pests, our partners are at your disposal. We have an extensive network of pest controllers who work with PestWatcher.