Pest management with respect for nature.


The development and delivery of innovative solutions for integral pest management. We provide customers with IT-enabled techniques which they can use to prevent damage caused by pests in a responsible manner.



Customers gain faster and better insight in the pest activities by means of application of innovative ICT-solutions. This enables them to intervene adequately in order to prevent escalation and to minimise the use of poison.



We believe that pest control is in service of your company. Your company should not be in service of pest control. We have developed PestWatcher to free you from unnecessary costs and work. You only have to perform the essential actions, PestWatcher takes care of the rest.

Our team

PestWatcher is an initiative of three driven entrepreneurs, each with their own field of expertise. They all contribute their own knowledge and expertise to the development of PestWatcher, as a result of which we have reached a solution that focuses on the user.

Martin van der Bent

Martin van der Bent presents knowledge in the area of pest management. Martin was director and board-member at one of the biggest pest controllers in Europe. In addition, he has 9 years of experience as chairman of the NVPB, the Dutch Association for Pest Management Companies. Innovations achievable for all PCOs.
As chairman of the NVPB, Martin noticed that particularly the larger companies were able to handle the changes and to embrace innovations. This has stimulated him in making innovations accessible for all PCOs.

Harry Viet and Ronald van Grunsven

Martin established PestWatcher together with Harry Viet (IT-specialist and R&D-manager) and Ronald van Grunsven (economist and financial manager). PestWatcher is a system provided with IT-enabled technologies that can be used by companies and PCOs to prevent damage caused by pests in a responsible manner.
The result is for you to prevent and control pests in an efficient and affordable way. You gain faster and better insight in the activities of pests due to the application of innovative ICT-solutions.