Multifunctional innovation in Pest Control Management

  • instantly reporting of motion … and/or
  • instantly reporting of bait consumption … and/or
  • instantly reporting of catch
Free use of PestWatcher Entry on mobile included (up to 10 checkpoints). Need additional functionality? … Subscribe for MyPestWatcher to obtain many additional features and use of unlimited devices.


Pests such as rats and mice can cause enormous damage to your business. Hygiene is compromised and, in some cases, gnawing damage leads to complete shutdown of companies. PestWatcher makes 24/7 monitoring and quick intervention possible. PestWatcher System comprises of MyPestWatcher (Software) and PestWatcher Devices (Hardware) for rodent control and prevention.

MyPestWatcher is a creative software solution, which offers digital environment with real time information.



24/7 Monitoring

  • Wireless sensors monitor your detection points
  • Quick and easy to create and/or view reports
  • Unnecessary manual inspection of boxes is avoided

Online Dashboard

  • Always and everywhere access through smartphone and tablet
  • Make and/or view reports fast and easy
  • Complies with laws and regulations

Create MyPestWatcher account free of charge

Create your own account free of charge and experience yourself how it works and gain immediate access to your own online environment 

Do it yourself, collaborate or outsource it

Whether you perform pest management yourself, outsource it temporarily or have it done entirely by a professional, we support every model with our integral pest management system. With one click, you invite pest controllers to submit a quotation for specific work activities. Do you already work together with a pest controlling company? In that case you can both profit optimally from our tools provided to collaborate. You are able to share schedules and to plan activities, and your pest controller is able to have a look at the dashboard for the latest information on pest activities. You yourself determine who executes the field registration. 
Substantial reports provide you at any time with insight on the progress made regarding pest management.  


Agreements and visits are transparent for both parties. Pest controllers also see their other customers in the agenda.  


Instantaneous Alerts

Alerts the user as soon as pest is detected or caught
No unnecessary inspections
Equipped with temparature, movement, weight sensor



Report issues always and everywhere by means of a direct communication link. This way you are able to take adequate action in the event of imminent nuisance.  

Internationally Certified

CE Certified
RoHS compliant
Work according to IPM model

This is how easy you comply with the IPM-protocol using PestWatcher

PestWatcher obviously supports the new IPM-protocol, according to the legislation of 2015. With a professional action plan you are able, among other things, to define and to place checkpoints, bait stations and traps.

Step 1

Design your customer environment and immediately perform the risk analysis.

Step 2

 Define the places in which you expect pests. These are your checkpoints.


Step 3

Install the wireless sensors and the bridge for an online connection with the dashboard.

Step 4

Receive all alerts 24/7 on your pc, tablet or smartphone and take immediate action.

Integral pest management requires fast response times!

We gladly hear from you and all of our customers. So, when you have a question or a comment, do not hesitate to contact us. We promise to respond within 24 hours following the receipt of your message!

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